UNCW Presents Step Afrika

Thursday, October 18, 2018
7:30 PM
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Beck, Abigail C.
Office of the Arts
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Step Afrika is a dance company dedicated to the African-American tradition of “stepping.” Stepping is a rising form of art and an important part of America’s artistic and cultural heritage. In stepping, the body is used as an instrument to create intricate rhythms and sounds through a combination of footsteps, claps, and the unspoken word. The company blends percussive dance styles practiced by historically African Americans fraternities and sororities, African traditional dance and influences from a variety of other dance and art forms. Performances are much more than dance shows—they integrate songs, storytelling, humor, and audience participation. The blend of technique, agility, and pure energy makes each performance unique and leaves the audience with their hearts pounding. Step Afrika promotes stepping as an educational tool for young people, focusing on teamwork, academic achievement and cross-cultural understanding.

Step Afrika
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